Lonnie Spiker has a real talent for entertaining. From Nashville to Texas to the UK his reputation  is synonymous with Honky Tonk music. 

From the opening notes of the first fiddle kick off to the final swell of the steel guitar a Lonnie Spiker show is a never ending symphony of music, laughter and good times.

With the release of his 5th CD called “Five” a new chapter is beginning for Lonnie Spiker and his band Unapologetically Honky Tonk. They are embarking on a year long tour in support of the album and have just released their first video along with the first single: All Her Memories (Are in Ft. Worth).

Radio has already begun putting “All Her Memories” into rotation and reviews have been glowing. The Rollin’ Rhythm Roundup said “the song is a smash in the tradition of the great Honky Tonk songs of Johnny Bush and Ray Price and destined to be a classic”

Unapologetic about remaining true to his honky tonk roots Lonnie is making fans in of all places Nashville, Tennessee, where music critic, Robert K Oremann referred to Spiker’s albums as “his kind of record.”

If you have yet to see Lonnie Spiker and Unapologetically Honky Tonk in concert you don’t know what you’re missing. So put on your boots, grab your favorite dance partner and get ready because Lonnie Spiker is coming to a honky tonk near you!
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